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Individual and group lesson are offered in the following,

  • Keyboard: Piano, Organ
  • Woodwind: Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone
  • Strings: Violin, Double bass, Cello, Viola, Guitar
  • Brass: Trumpet, Euphonium, Trombone
  • Voice
  • Theory

New students are required to pay a one-off registration fee of 20,000/=.

  • 30 minute lessons: 320,000/= per term
  • 45 minute lessons: 410,000/= per term
  • 60 minute lessons: 510,000/= per term

The fees shown above are for one 12-week term, which consists of 12 lessons of the given lengths (once per week).

Fees are non-refundable, and payable in full in advance of lessons beginning.

Come Register before then and enjoy a conducive environment for learning Music.

If a student joins after the term has begun, they can still have all their lessons covered


Register today for only UGX 240,000/= for 10, 45 min lessons package on Tuesdays, starting at 5:45pm.

Fun group lessons in violin, guitar or violin for 45 min to help you relax.


We have holiday packages for students above 5 years who are interested in having more than one lessons a week.

Lessons 3 times a week including practice every day, Monday to Friday at the school for 4 weeks

  • 30 min lessons at 290,000/= for 12 lessons and daily practice
  • 45 min lessons at 370,000/=for 12 lessons and daily practice
  • 60 min lessons at 470,000/= for 12 lessons and daily practice

Lessons 2 times a at the school for 4 weeks

  • 30 mins lessons at 190,000/- for 8 lessons
  • 45 mins lessons at 240,000/- for 8 lessons
  • 60 mins lessons at 300,000/- for 8 lessons

Lessons 2 times a week at the school for 6 weeks

  • 30 mins lessons at 280,000/- for 12 lessons
  • 45 mins lessons at 360,000/- for 12 lessons
  • 60 mins lessons at 450,000/- for 12 lessons

Please note: All these fees quoted are for each instrument and lessons are one on one



We have Holiday Programmes for the little ones between 5 & 14 years who are kept busy during the Holidays: Term 1, 2 and the long term 3 holiday for those on the National Curriculum and we have a Summercamp for those on International Curriculum.

This programme is whole day for both the Beginners and Advanced where the beginners are introduced to music through various aspects like Rhythm games, Singing, Instrumentation and Dance running for 2 weeks of the holiday, except for the long holiday of Dec-Jan.

Dates for Holiday Programme in 2019

National Curriculum

26th August to 7th September 2019

9th to 21st December 2019

Time: 9:00am – 4:30 pm

Venue: Kampala Music School

Fee: 305,000/= (inclusive of food) or 175,000/= per week


International Curriculum

24th June to 10th July 2019 (Mon – Wed)

22nd July to 7th August 2019 (Mon – Wed)

Time: 9:00am – 1:00 pm

Venue: Kampala Music School

Fee: 250,000/=  or 30,000/= per day



  • Annual Library Subscription – which gives access to browse and borrow from our library, fully stocked with sheet music, books on music and audiovisual materials.

20,000/= for KMS students and  Non KMS students/teachers will be charged 50,000 annually.

  • Practice Rooms – to use a practice room at KMS, each containing a piano.

2,000/= per hour – for registered KMS students

5,000/= per hour – for non-KMS students

  • Instrument Hire

Charged per instrument based on its value, and for different durations and hire purposes.