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Mugumya Justus Archangel

Mugumya is very passionate about the piano and the cello. He plays mainly classical, jazz and contemporary music, and his favourite composers are Beethoven, Yanni and Maurice Kirya. He would give anything to watch Pianists Daniel Barenboim, Lang Lang, and Hiromi perform live. His current favourite pieces that he loves to play on the piano are two Beethoven Sonatas, namely, the “Pathetique” (Op.13) and Sonata in F (Op.10 3rd movement). These two pieces were a big part of what got him keen to start his journey into piano playing.

He is a big-time fan of Michael Jackson and Celine Dion on the contemporary scene. He is awed and reveres, too, the great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.

His favourite cellist is Hausa, for whom he has great admiration.

“I remember it took me 2 weeks to learn the cello music in preparation for one of Maurice Kirya’s big concerts. It was both rewarding and an amazing experience. I have also worked with Kampala Symphony Orchestra, Baxmba waves, and Sauti ya Afrika. I want to be a great Performer.”

He believes Classical and Jazz awaken the brain and improves concentration levels. Moreover, they also give a sense of fulfilment and inward therapy. As a result, music students gain musical skills, sharp concentration, and improved aural sensibilities.

This adventurous gentleman is also crazy about basketball and is a Christiano Ronaldo fanatic.