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Michael Kijjambu

He is a Cello and Piano teacher. The styles of music that he is good at are Classical and Handel, Scarlatti, J.S Bach are his favorite composers, Yoyoma and Misha Miasqie are his favorite performers. The piece he considers to be best on a Cello is whistle train and on a Piano, Harmonous Blacksmith. The musicians and groups Michael has worked with Qwela band, Navio and Benon Mugumye (Swangs Avenue .His work with Qwela was one of his highlights because of their free styling as a band. Solo concerts aspire him. Music challenges Micheal to think. The highlights of this experience are exposure and the things he aspires to better his technical skills, a good Cellist and Pianist.

Michael’s other interests are Technology, Rugby, Soccer and Politics.

Any one should learn Classical or Jazz music because it is refreshing and key things gained from students learning is that they get to know that people reason at different frequencies.