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Kijjambu Micheal

Teacher Michael is a pro at playing and teaching the Cello and the Piano. He loves Baroque music, with Bach being his favourite composer. Michael also has a soft spot for music from the Romantic era.

His favourite cellist is Jacquelin du pre, whose style of play was exuberant, but her prowess on the instrument was largely unmatched. Her rendition, for instance, of the piece Kol Nidrei made him have a special liking for it.

Handel’s “the Harmonious Blacksmith” is all-time favourite piano pieces one of his favourite piece. He has worked with Sauti Ya Afrika, Qwela and Jose Chameleon, among others and in his own words, working with these artists was full of nothing but good vibes.

His only aspiration is to be happy! He believes classical, and jazz music should be learnt because they instil discipline. “Students gain knowledge through learning instruments”, he asserts. Besides music, he is passionate about engineering and law.