Support Us

Dear KMS Supporter,

Thank you for your continued support to the Music School.

Your generous contributions have enabled more people to be trained and thus empowered with the life giving skill of music playing which enhances life, education and learning skills, and also provides a means for supplementary and main income earning as well as being an integral part of daily living in society.

For continued support, we have a DONATION BOX at the school. Feel free to come through any time and take a guided tour round our home..


  • Attend our concerts

We also organize Fundraising concerts such as;

  1. The Musical Garden Party, which is an annual event
  2. Smooth Classics on the Hill, which is a concert held at the house on top of the hill.
  3. Other organized concerts that are communicated to you as long as you are on our mailing list.
  • Hire our musicians for your events
  • Become a student
  • Send your children to the music school for lessons
  • Sponsor a bursary student
  • Donate to KMS: Through the DONATION BOX at KMS orĀ  through the Friends of KMS on