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Playing a musical instrument could help children who suffer from anxiety

The study was published by the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and the authors analysed brain scans of 232 children aged 6-18. The authors found that playing music altered the behaviour-regulating and motor areas of the brain. Previous studies had shown a correlation between thickening and thinning of the cortex […]


A weekend documentary  “NOTES FROM KAMPALA” that was broadcasted on  Saturday   14th December, at 12:00 pm on BBC World Service 101.3 FM is available for download on Please refer to the link for more details KMS featured on WBS TV and for you, our family that missed, we are honored to share […]

KMS home..

Sneak preview of KMS home….

KMS home is located in a private compound in Kitante, providing a quiet, safe and spacious setting conducive for music-making and study. The center boasts 9 practice/ teaching rooms, 2 large ensemble rooms and a library with sheet music, audiovisual resources and musical instruments available for hire.