About Us


“To be a centre of excellence for music in Uganda”



KMS shall exist to give maximum opportunity to develop musical talent and the appreciation of the art of music in Uganda


KMS believes that everyone who would like to should have the opportunity to develop their musical talent and appreciation of music, and this should be done in a culturally appropriate and affordable manner.

The school’s values therefore are;

  1. Talent Development. The school shall place talent above ability to pay and shall, subject to funds being available, teach motivated and talented musicians even when they cannot afford lesson fees.
  2. Transparency and accountability. KMS believes that its activities should be undertaken in a transparent and accountable manner, ensuring that relevant professional ethics are upheld along with open communication and integrity.
  3. Respect for all. This is taken to be paramount and activities should be delivered in a gender sensitive, culturally and resource appropriate manner.
  4. Excellence. KMS is committed to the development of excellence and the provision of services in a collaborative manner ensuring a ‘family atmosphere’ where all feel welcome regardless of age, race, gender and culture.